Public Notice: Request for Qualifications – SCPDC Building Expansion Project – ADDENDUM ADDED

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Notice is hereby given that the South Central Planning and Development Commission is requesting qualification statements for the following project.

Qualifications Statement for SCPDC Building Expansion Project

South Central Planning and Development Commission (SCPDC) seeks to procure the services of an architectural and/or engineering firm to provide essential design and inspection services for the SCPDC Building Expansion Project. The selection of this firm will adhere to federal procurement requirements of the grant. All responses will be evaluated based on selection criteria and corresponding point system outlined in the Request for Qualifications package, which also details the scope of services. SCPDC will award the contract to the respondent with the highest score in the evaluation process. Interested parties may obtain a Request for Qualifications package from Lea Ann Rucker by email, or by contacting 985-851-2900. Responses must be hand-delivered or mailed to the address below and received by the end of business on Thursday, June 13, 2024. SCPDC is an Equal Opportunity Employer and encourages small and minority-owned firms and women’s business enterprises to apply.

South Central Planning and Development Commission

Attn: Lea Ann Rucker

Post Office Box 1870

Gray, LA 70359

(Mail Delivery)

South Central Planning and Development Commission

Attn: Lea Ann Rucker

5058 W. Main St.

Houma, LA 70360

(Hand Delivery, FedEx, and UPS)

2024.05.14 RFQ Second Floor Advertisement


Questions and Answers

Q: On the last page of the RFQ, it is stated that the proposal must be received by end of Business June 13, 2024.  In the Timeline box in the center of the last page, the “RFQ Respondent Deadline” is listed as June 10, 2024.  Can you verify the due date for the RFQ please?

Also, on Page 2 there is a list of Tasks (1-7) that describe the scope of work for the selected architectural firm.  Task 4 lists “Field Staking and On-site supervision of construction work” as items – both of these are typically scopes of work by a contractor and not an architectural firm as the design team typically “observes” the work instead of performing it or supervising it.  Can you please clarify if these items in Task 4 are a correct part of the RFQ.

A: The correct deadline is June 13th.

Task 4: Field Staking and On-site Supervision of Construction Work

Field Staking: This involves marking the locations where structures and utilities will be built according to the design plans. While traditionally performed by contractors, the A/E firm ensures that field staking aligns precisely with the approved designs. This task is essential for maintaining the integrity of the design and ensuring accuracy before construction begins.

On-site Supervision of Construction Work: The term “supervision” here refers to overseeing the construction process to ensure it adheres to the design specifications and regulatory standards. Although contractors execute the construction, the A/E firm’s role in supervision (or observation) is to monitor progress, quality, and compliance. This oversight includes making periodic site visits, reviewing work, and ensuring that the project is on track and within scope. The A/E firm’s involvement in on-site supervision ensures that any deviations from the design are promptly addressed, maintaining the project’s integrity and quality.


Q:  Is it possible to ask them over the phone or should we plan to submit them via email? Also, is there an estimate for the available funds for construction?

A: Estimate for construction is about $4.5 million.



  1. [Project Overview and Scope] Is it your intent to have an Architect or Engineer as the Prime designer?
  2. [Tasks 2+4] Does this project require on-site inspection and supervision or would that be the responsibility of the general contractor?
  3. [DBE/MBE Participation] Would a Hudson Initiative certification count towards the DBE/MBE evaluation and scoring criteria?
  4. [Submission] Is a specific form you’d like us to use when submitting or is our company branded document acceptable?


  1. Yes either an architectural or engineering firm will be hired to design building addition and supervising construction, including development of a design plan, schematic designs and renderings.
  2. Yes the selected architect or engineer will be required for inspection and supervision to ensure the plans are followed.
  3. While the Hudson Initiative certification supports small businesses, including minority and woman-owned businesses, it does not automatically confer MBE or WBE status. Businesses that meet the criteria for MBE or WBE certification should pursue those specific certifications in addition to the Hudson Initiative certification to maximize their opportunities and benefits.
  4. Your document will be fine, please ensure that you address all the information that is requested in the RFQ.


Addendum: Dear Prospective Project Architects and Engineers,

Please find attached an important Addendum for the Request for Qualifications (RFQ) for Architectural/Engineering Services for the South Central Planning and Development Commission (SCPDC) Building Expansion Project.

In addition, we have attached the updated RFQ document with the corrected timeline table. The corrected submission deadline is June 13, 2024, by the end of business.

Thank you for your attention to this matter. We appreciate your time and effort in preparing your submittal, and we look forward to reviewing your proposals.

2024.05.21 SCPDC RFQ Building Expansion-Revised

2024.05.21 Addendum Request for Qualifications



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