Mission Statement and History

Mission Statement: 

“South Central Planning and Development Commission (SCPDC) is a diverse, ever-changing commission serving many different constituencies made specially for and by local governments in the South Central Region. We perform a variety of services to meet the ever-changing needs and challenges of its member governments. These services include long-range planning, state and federal liaison, current issues, membership services and services to business and citizens.


SCPDC is one of the eight regional planning commissions in Louisiana.

It was created in 1973 by Executive Order No. 27 of Governor E. Edwards and established in 1978 by State Act 472 to facilitate intergovernmental cooperation and harmonious coordination of the state, federal and local planning & development programs for the solutions and resolutions of economic, social, physical, and governmental problems of the state and its citizens by providing for the creation and recognition of regional planning and development commissions.

For more information on the history and current work of the Commission, please view the 50th Anniversary video below.

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