Current Job Openings

Admin & Accounting Technician (open as of 01/12/23)

Bi-Lingual Intake Assistants (open as of 01/30/23)

Intake Assistants and Intake Technicians (open as of 01/30/23)

IT Assitant or IT Technician (open as of 01/12/23)

Permit Specialist (open as of 01/30/23)

Professional Engineer (open as of 08/29/22)

Site Plans Analyst II (open as of 01/30/23)

Software Analyst I or II (open as of 08/29/22)

Software Specialist (open as of 09/01/22)

Software Training Specialist (open as of 09/22/22)

To apply, send resume to: SCPDC (job position) P.O. Box 1870, Gray, LA 70359 or email to: employment@scpdc.org. 






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