EPA Announces Final 2017 RFS Volumes

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On November 28th, the EPA released the final 2017 RFS volumes which raised the total amount of biofuels required for blending into gasoline and diesel from 18.1 billion gallons in 2016 to 19.28 billion gallons (15 billion gallons of corn ethanol). The 2018 biodiesel mandate was left unchanged from the proposal at 2.1 billion gallons earlier this year. Although this increase represents a 10.7 percent ethanol blend, PMAA believes that refiners will continue to use RIN credits to maintain E10 blended gasoline for the foreseeable future. (via LOMCSA)

EPA set the Cellulosic Biofuel obligation at 311 million gallons (EGEs) 

(Via RNG Coalition) The final rule cellulosic requirement is one million gallons fewer than appeared in the proposed rule, but is a 35% increase over 2016. While the Final Rule reflects an increase in renewable natural gas volume compared to the proposed rule, the cellulosic category remained relatively constant in the Final Rule due to a drop in projected cellulosic ethanol volume. 

EPA set the 2017 Standard for Advanced Biofuels at 4.28 billion gallons.

The D5 volume for 2017 is 280 million gallons more than in appeared the proposed rule. It is an increase of more than an 18% above 2016.

The full volumes from the Final Rule are:

In May, EPA proposed a cellulosic biofuel obligation of 312 million gallons and an advanced biofuel obligation of 4 billion gallons. EPA submitted its final rule to the White House Office of Management and Budget in mid-October. RNG Coalition staff met with OMB and EPA on November 8, and pointed to new commitments for 2017 RNG as reflected in the RNG Coalition’s updated data submission.

Conversations with EPA staff earlier today confirm that EPA and OMB accepted the RNG Coalition’s data submission and arguments. If the RNG industry had not demonstrated additional volume for 2017, the overall cellulosic biofuel obligation would have decreased more significantly. 

View the Final Rule HERE.

Read more about the Final Rule HERE.

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