South Central Regional Safety Coalition

The South Central Regional Safety Coalition (SCRSC), is a traffic safety coalition comprised of multidisciplinary partners/agencies throughout the parishes of Assumption, Lafourche, St. Charles, St. James, St. John the Baptist, and Terrebonne.

Tasked with the implementation of the regional version of the LA Strategic Highway Safety Plan,  the dedicated team of partners are charged with implementing highway safety projects and programs across the South Central Region in an effort to reduce fatalities and serious injuries in the region by 50% by 2030.

Our Strategic Work Groups include:

  • Enforcement & Operations Work Group – partners collaborate in conducting Enforcement & Operations initiatives detailed in the Regional SHSP Action Plans.
  • Education & Outreach Work Group – partners collaborate in implementing Education & Outreach initiatives detailed in the Regional SHSP Action Plans.
  • Infrastructure & Operations Team – focuses on the implementation of the Regional SHSP Infrastructure & Operations action plan.
  • School Zone Work Group (Terrebonne & Lafourche) – focuses on improving school zone safety in the parishes of Terrebonne & Lafourche. 

Regional Strategic Highway Safety Action Plans can be located here.

Utilizing the 4E Approach (Engineering, Education, Enforcement, and Emergency Medical Services), our South Central Regional Safety Coalition partners, in collaboration with Federal Highway Administration, Louisiana DOTD, Louisiana Highway Safety Commission, the Houma-Thibodaux MPO and other LA Metropolitan Planning Organizations, and other federal, state, regional and local partners work collaboratively to analyze data, identify strategies, prioritize resources and implement data-driven action steps from our 5 emphasis areas:

Impaired Driving (alcohol & drugged related)

Occupant Protection (proper restraint of adults, teens, children and infants)

Crashes Involving Young Drivers (15-24 years of age involved in a crash)

Infrastructure & Operations (Roadway Departure & Intersection related crashes)

Distracted Driving (actively engaged in any activity that diverts his/her attention away from the task of driving. The distraction could be manual, visual, or cognitive and be inside or outside the vehicle.)


The South Central Regional Safety Coalition holds full coalition and strategic work group meetings which can be located on our SCPDC calendar. The Executive Committee meets as needed prior to the regularly scheduled meetings. If you would like to be placed on our distribution list, please email Ms. Cassie Parker at or call 985-851-2900. Meeting minutes and documents pertaining to our meetings can be located on the Houma-Thibodaux MPO website.

We welcome you to join our life saving team of law enforcement partners, educators, engineers, emergency personal, and many other traffic safety advocates throughout our region and state . . . Because it takes EVERYONE to reach our goal of DESTINATION ZERO DEATHS!


Everyday actions that you can do to help reduce fatalities on our roadways:

  • Drive Sober at all times and report Impaired Drivers
  • Buckle Up, Every Trip and Every Seat
  • Focus all of your attention on the road when driving
  • Report highway/traffic safety concerns via email to or through our Houma-Thibodaux MPO website
  • Encourage others to do all of the above


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Federal Highway Administration

LA Department of Transportation & Development 

Destination Zero Deaths

National Highway Traffic Administration

Louisiana Highway Safety Commission

Highway Safety Research Group

Governors Highway Safety Association  

Houma-Thibodaux MPO



Below is a list of agencies that commonly comprise membership of the regional coalitions: (HOWEVER, WE WELCOME ANY PARTNER(S) INTERESTED IN TRAFFIC SAFETY)

  • Representatives from state/federal agencies (FHWA, DOTD, State Police and Highway Safety Commission, OMV and ATC)
  • State Police Troops, Sheriff’s Offices and Local Police Departments
  • Parish School Boards and Universities
  • Driving Schools
  • Parish/City Government (or in some cases, Parish Police Jury)
  • Safety Advocacy Groups (i.e MADD, ADAC, Bicycle Groups, Runners Association, Neighborhood Watch, etc.)
  • State Hospitals and Trauma Centers
  • Fire Departments and Ambulance Groups
  • District Attorney and/or ADA Offices
  • DOTD Districts
  • Insurance Agencies (State Farm, Progressive, etc.)
  • Private Companies (State Farm, Wal-Mart, Shell Oil, etc.)
  • Tri-Media Stations

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